Preparing to build with Brax

Initial Contact

From the first point of contact, you’ll get a sense of how organised we like to be! We’ll schedule our first meeting (the discovery meeting) and gather the information we need to kick things off.


Discovery Meeting

It’s now time to really get to know you – our new client! We strive to get a good grasp on what you want to create, so we’ll do our best to learn everything we can about you and your project. We also use this time to help you understand the service Brax Building provides, and answer any questions you might have about the residential design and building process.


Design Meeting

At this meeting, you, our contracted draftsman and Alex/Bryce will meet and discuss all the details associated with the first drafted plans. This meeting will take as much time as we all need – we want to get plenty of information. With the details gathered from this meeting, we’ll provide a quote for the design of your new home!


Bryce and Alex meet client Bathroom with timber vanity
Entering a Design Agreement

We now enter into a design agreement. This will cover the cost of getting a full set of architectural plans finalised and ready to submit a Development Application in the near future. Once a design agreement is signed, we create a portal that will allow communication between you, us, and our contracted draftsman. We find this to be extremely beneficial as it creates a channel to openly discuss ideas.



Things are really moving along now! With the plans provided from the design agreement we can provide a project estimation, which gives you a close prediction of your project cost. To provide a Final Fixed Price we will need a soil test, engineering plans and a set of contour plans – all included within our preliminary agreement.


Preliminary Agreement

Here, we move into a preliminary agreement. This covers everything up to the build. We submit all listed applications and documents below on the NSW Planning Portal on your behalf – we always strive to make things easy and seamless for our clients.

  • Soil tests 
  • Engineering plans 
  • Certification work agreement (client’s choice) 
  • Statement of Environmental Effects 
  • Section 68 application 
  • Development Application/Complying Development Certificate


Final Fixed Price

We now have all the information needed to provide you with a final fixed price! We can also start to prepare contracts at this stage.


Discussion plans with client Design meeting
Signing Contracts

After our contracts have been prepared, we’ll have a meeting and go through the contracts in depth. We’ll cover all necessary details to ensure both parties have a very clear understanding on how a building contract works, and what is – and is not – included within the contract.


HBCF Insurance/ Deposit

At this stage, it’s time to send the deposit to lock your job into our next available construction slot. We will also be applying for the HBCF insurance that is compulsory on all residential building works over $20,000. Finally, we can now complete your Construction Certificate.


Get excited – we’re ready to BUILD!


Timber deck extension